Our Brand

Sebastian & Savannah is a conscious posh label as passionate about reshaping modern fashion as it is about sustainability and local production. Committed to designing and creating timeless and modern feminine pieces that elevate the everyday woman’s wardrobe and exude natural confidence.



Skilled artisans and traditional craft, close attention to fit and details, hands-on service are our promises. As far as ethics and sustainability are concerned, our brand is committed to domestic production whenever possible. Working with manufacturers committed to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and time-honored vegan leatherette creation techniques. Manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure fair wages and working conditions.


We go beyond just creating and selling a well-crafted item, we aim for everyone to enjoy this affordable indulgence that it becomes an experience. With a competitively-priced item comes attentiveness, excellent customer experience, and personalized services, such as help in choosing the right item and aftermarket care and repair.