Here’s a local sustainable shoe brand fit for genteel Filipinas

Published October 11, 2021, 4:33 PM

by John Legaspi

Elevate your daily strolls with Sebastian & Savannah

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Those were the words of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, which still bears truth today about women’s lives and their relationship to shoes. Whether they are chunky and flat or towering in heels, shoes have a special way of empowering women.

 That is the goal of designer Kat Padilla, to offer shoes that will bring out the confidence in every woman with the help of her eco-friendly shoe line, Sebastian & Savannah. Relaunched in February 2021, the brand presents sustainably made shoes fit for the genteel Filipinas by using vegan and cruelty-free leatherette.

Founder and CEO Kat Padilla

 “Everything is consciously designed and meticulously hand-crafted by skilled local artisans here in the Philippines,” Kat, designer and founder of the brand, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “It is important to us that our products are sustainable and have minimal impact on the environment while supporting our local shoe artisans.”

Prior to showcasing locally made footwear, Sebastian & Savannah was first a clothing brand in 2017, spotlighting Kat’s fashion design prowess. While she is an alumna of Slim’s Fashion and Arts School and a Fashion Design and Merchandising major at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Kat dipping her toes to the creative field is a natural step to take thanks to her family.

Sebastian & Savannah’s Tábertha in Red

 “My family is one of the inspirations on why I started the brand,” she says. “My mom was an interior designer, my uncle is a fashion designer based in Dubai who specializes in haute couture, and my sister, although still in high school, is into animation and excels in designing. My dad on the other hand is a civil engineer, a co-owner of a wire and sound system company, and a generator rental services. The creative and entrepreneurial sides of my family really inspired me to start something.”

Sebastian & Savannah’s Freydis, Margrethe, Bjorn, Ellinor, and Tábertha

 A woman in charge, Kat solely leads her brand’s operation from product development to production. But it is on designing the pieces where she finds true joy. Crafted to look good on every woman’s feet are some of her best-selling pieces like The Tábertha, The Margrethe, and The Bjorn. Described as “bold, sleek, and chic,” these pairs are the perfect pieces to elevate one’s look. But what makes her works stand out is the passion she puts in her every design, incorporating lessons she learned along the way, making them shoes that are filled with stories.

 “I really love the design and the development process. It’s so fulfilling when I see my ideas come to life, especially when we have something that I feel like we really nailed, I feel like there are sparkles everywhere,” she muses. “As the designer, I make sure that all designs I produce are fresh and up-to-date. One thing I do to make my designs a little out of the ordinary is by experimenting with the materials that I use, may it be the leather, insole shape, or heels.”

“Our main aim for Sebastian & Savannah is for the brand’s DNA to be solidified, with pieces that are elegant, classic, and a little out of the ordinary. We really want to make this a true lifestyle brand offering unique and different pieces, at a super attainable price point,” Kat continues. “It also aims to be the go-to brand of genteel millennials who are stylish and of substance with impeccable taste. We aspire to be known as a household name in the world of women’s fashion not just locally but hopefully internationally as well.”


See more of Kat’s works @sebastianandsavannah on Instagram.


Photos by: @deandionisio


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